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Major Labels Eat It!
February 2004 Breaking News: Remember that bigass lawsuit against all the five major record labels and three of the big retailer chains? Well, the checks are in the mail. I gots mine, and if I had known it was gonna be enough to actually buy a whole new CD, I woulda told everybody I know to get in on this sweet deal. Check out for the scoop.

A Personal Memory of Terry Hill / Balboa
Terry Hill and Balboa - If you only know one thing about the history of Knoxville's underground music scene, this should be it.
Heavy Johnson Trio are one of if not the coolest bands in Portland, Oregon. As their name suggests, they are indeed heavy, but contrary to the name, they are actually a quartet. They also have a great sense of humor. You can see them at some of the best shows in town, whether headlining or opening for bands and musicians such as Fantomas, Mike Watt, Helios Creed, The Bellrays, Nashville Pussy, Enemymine, Don Caballero, and on and on. They may be an intimidating group to some, but they are also the nicest bunch of guys you could probably meet.

Download Real Player Bubba's Internet Radio Show Archive

On April 28th, 1999, I did this 2-hour live Realaudio broadcast, filling in for my friend Jason at Perfect Sound Forever. I had so much fun, I've decided to make this an ongoing series sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, it is archived here for your listening pleasure. Here is the list of bands/musicians: NRBQ & Captain Lou Albano, The Kung Fu's, The Starlings, Heavy Johnson Trio, Dr. Orloff, Heatmiser, Holgator, Bozart, Gaza Strippers, Residents, Nashville Pussy, Versus, Huun-Huur-Tu, Captain Beefheart, The Seeds, and Killdozer & Alice Donut (Michael Gerard's Party Machine).

Apologies to The Kung Fu's, The Starlings, and Bozart for the little fuck-ups, especially to The Starlings. For some reason that CD went in wrong and one of the channels was inaudible right up to nearly the end of their two songs. This was my first crack at the live Internet broadcast thing, and I learned about quite a few things to do better next time around. One thing I learned is that it starts to go a lot smoother after the second beer ...

My thanks go to Jason for introducing me to this opportunity, and to the fine folks at Love Underground Vision Radio in San Francisco who host this and various other shows.

If you're not already on my mailing list and would like to be informed when the next show will be (I'm not even sure myself yet), and I'll put you on the list.

The Unofficial COWS Home Page
First created to fill an empty slot in Lollapalooza's website, the COWS page was originally hosted on Before that was Skin Flute Music Magazine, an actual photocopied (but high quality) hand-delivered production that lasted five issues from 1990-95, and the Cows were featured in several issues.

Nashville Pussy Photo-Album
A half dozen pics from 2/18/98 at La Luna in Portland.

Back in 1992, during the heyday of my band booking days in Knoxville, I booked Sebadoh. In issue #2 of Skin Flute Music Magazine, I printed an interview with Lou Barlow. It is now finally available online.

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