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  • Amphetamine Reptile Records (USA)
    The "real dirt" on AmRep is extremely entertaining as well as educational. As for Cows stuff, they have a lot of their records and videos in their online catalog.

  • AmRep Europe is apparently under construction again. Right now a lot of the pages are in German, and the news section is in English, but for some reason they're using UPPER-CASE LETTERS FOR ALL THE TEXT, so it's very difficult to read.

  • The Billions Corporation Online
    The new and improved Billions site features a Cows self-bio written by singer/bugler/showman, Shannon Selberg, plus tour info and news, and tons of other great bands.

  • Tim Mac
    Tim has recorded many a Cows song, and is responsible for making Whorn, as he said himself, "the most honestly representative album they've ever made".


  • A hilarious interview with Shannon in Bunnyhop #5, featuring a picture of Mr. Selberg made to look like a Minnesota Twins baseball card.

  • An interview in the first edition (July '96) of Pitchfork Online, where Shannon reveals his secret admiration of old Kool and the Gang records and uncovers an interesting childhood memory.

  • An article in the 3-22-96 edition of The Michigan Daily Online by Ted Watts (see his COWS page below), with answers to those questions you may have about the two most recent drummers and a look at their "new sound".

  • SonicNet Chat Transcript (dumb interviewers, but entertaining)


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Other Cows Pages

  • All-Music Guide
    The biography and record reviews by John Dougan are excellent. The only thing wrong here is that they list Cows as being similar to, along with other more appropriate comparisons, Faith No More, but I guess that's bound to happen on a system that anyone can update.

  • Crash Site
    Cool bio, plus an audio clip from Mas No Mas and a video clip of Hitting the Wall. The rest of the site is most excellent as well, with fancy graphics and shit (click on the AmRep logo at the bottom of the Cows page to work your way backwards).

  • Grunnen Rocks
    Grunnen (or Gruningen) is the largest city in the northern part of the Netherlands, and yes, they do rock.

  • Ron Carr's Cows Page
    Features cool pictures scanned from the July '91 issue of Flipside.

  • Shoofly
    Featuring two photos from Cicero's Basement Bar (St. Louis) on 11/13/96.

  • SonicNet Bio
    Copped from an AmRep press release and a review in Lollipop.

  • Ted Watts' Cows Page
    One of the original Cows pages. Ted also writes for the Michigan Daily and has his own band, Banna the Unmusic.

  • The Ultimate Band List
    Probably nothing on this page that isn't already here, but I list it anyways to return the favor and periodically check for new links.


  • Company Love
    Among their other posters and graphic design services, they offer a very cool oversize poster from a Cows show in Detroit, 1995.

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