Stuff to do in NYC

I only have a few hours at the moment to whip this up, so this is just a sampling of what's available. I might work on this some more later, mebbe.

You can get the addresses and map locations for most of these places from Big Book (just punch in the name or category and include 212 for the area code - if ya got a printer, you can even create your own phonebook, view all your entries on the map at once and make a printout of that page).

Table o' Contents

Record Stores

  • KIM'S VIDEO (they also have audio)
    They have, I think, four or more locations. I believe there is also at least one on St. Mark's Place that isn't listed in da Big Book, and it's pretty huge.
    15 E 4th Street, (212) 477-8150
    Highly intelligent selection of rock, jazz, experimental music, and a bunch of unusual categories that are most easily defined as "Other", hence the name (that's my guess anyway). I forget if they had any used stuff, but it does seem like everything was shrink-wrapped. I do remember they had the Louvin Brothers' "Satan Is Real". I'm definitely getting that on my next visit.
    Prince St between Thompson and West Broadway (SoHo) [map]
    Went there on my 30th birthday and got myself some presents, about 10 slabs of vinyl, mostly new and recent releases. They also have used records, as well as new and used tapes and CD's.
    235 Sullivan St (1-2 blocks south of Washington Square Park)
    Here's another excellent record store, or stores, actually. They're side by side, one for vinyl and one for CD's, both new and used. I recently picked up the Cows "Effete and Impudent Snobs" imported from Glitterhouse for $6, and an original pressing of the Dictators "Go Girl Crazy" for $20.

Other Stores

    33 St. Mark's Place between First and Ave A
    King of 'zines, but they also have cool books (sometimes signed by the author) and comix. They've recently moved to St. Mark's. I liked the remoteness of the previous location on 7th, especially those steps that took you down into the depths of something that seemed unknown, but the new location is a bit more spacious.
    49½ First Ave at 3rd St, (212) 505-6467
    Home of the super-kitsch. Definitely an east village tour highlight. While you're there, pick up a copy of Having a Hell of a Time ... a drunkard's illustrated guide to the bars of the lower eastside. It's slightly outdated and not meant to be a guidebook exactly, but the drawings are great and it gives you a headstart on finding that perfect watering hole.


Some of these clubs have their own web pages. The ones that don't are listed in Metrobeat [mb] and/or Internotes [in].

  • ARTHUR'S TAVERN  [ mb ]
    Only been here once. It's a jazz club, and very cramped, but it was pretty cool. I hear that famous types pop in for a guest spot now and then, right before or after they've played at some other, more upscale joint.
  • BROWNIES  [ mb | in ]
    I've been to more shows here than anywhere else - Jad Fair, The Delta 72, Kepone, Harvey Milk … well, those are the recent shows I've seen. And the Jackonuts over a year ago. Can't remember the others right now. If you get bored, you can also go next door to the No-Tell Motel. Just look for the mad cow in the window, and pay yer respects to the Jim and Tammy memorials.
  • CBGB's
    Been to lots of great shows here, too - Karen Black, Kepone, Cows. It's a place you have to go to just because of the history, though the good shows seem to be fewer in number these days, and crowded as fuck. Beer's expensive, but there's a bodega across the street (just don't make the same mistake I did - keep a lookout for cops … heh heh … guess I got a little careless). Also, the pizza is good next door at Radio CB's or whatever the hell it's called.
  • CONEY ISLAND HIGH  [ mb | in ]
    I've noticed they've been booking a lot of AmRep bands lately, and Killdozer's playing here soon. New booking agent? Whatever the reason, it's a good thing.
    Let's see, Grifters, Ken Nordine, John Zorn … that's all my brain is letting me remember right now, besides the downstairs bar area, which I really dig.
    Sometimes it's worth going to Hoboken when the band's good enough. Cows, fer example, and the Dog Faced Hermans.
  • TRAMPS  [ mb | in ]
    A nice, wide space. I seen Cop Shoot Cop (r.i.p.) here, among others.

There are actually twice as many clubs that I'm going to list here, but … damn, it's almost 5am again! I'll have to finish this later.

And if that ain't enough …

Pick up a copy of the NY Press or the Village Voice once you get here.
I prefer the Press, but hey, they're both free now so what the hell.

If ya got any more suggestions (and your tastes are similar to mine), send 'em on over to .

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