Why I Don't Eat Mammals
Sometimes words aren't necessary.

Sabala's Sideshow Slideshow
I wanted to be sure at least one person documented the artwork on the walls at Sabala's, particularly in the Sideshow Lounge, assuming they'll eventually be painted over. These photos were taken the night of March 4th, 2007. For best viewing maximize your browser window (e.g. F11 key in applicable browsers). The slides are synchronized with music that I added to simulate the feeling I had that last night (for me) at Sabala's, so don't bother viewing at work if you can't crank the volume! Unfortunately the ghost images at the end are very faint, but oh well that's the nature of ghosts.

Note: If you are so inclined as to pass it on, please link to this page instead of directly to the slideshow because I want to be sure people read the intro text.

The Harry Potter Broomstick
Well ... umm ... not exactly.

The Evils of Caffeine
Some surprising photos scanned from an interesting book about the human brain, The Three-Pound Universe.

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