Wallace Langham wears Cows shirt
on The Larry Sanders Show

Wallace Langham plays the character Phil on the Larry Sanders show on HBO. He is pictured here from an episode where, as you can see, he is wearing a Cows t-shirt:

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I had mentioned before how I was going to try to find out if it was Wallace's shirt or if it came from the wardrobe department or what, and I guess Wallace found out somehow about the Cows page, because he signed up for the mailing list with the following comments:

Yes, it was my T-shirt, purchased some years ago at Urban Outfitters strictly for the design. Now, I could be a complete poseur and claim that COWS are my favorite band, but, I have not actually heard them. Will remedy that soon at the local Virgin Mega-store. We are starting a new season of The Larry Sanders Show in Oct., where I will wear my COWS shirt proudly. If for some reason this is an affront to COWS, please let me know. Then I will be happy to burn the shirt on-air in effigy (maybe too harsh, huh?) Keep me posted as to future COWS goings on. Your newest fan, Wallace...
Well, no, I for one do not think it's an affront to the Cows. Mostly, I guess it's a tribute to the artist. And I know, Wallace, that once you hear their music, and especially when you see them in person, you will be a true Cows fan. Look forward to seeing the shirt on TV again!